Friday, December 19, 2014

//sample code for rotating header//

<a href="/Home/SignUp.aspx"><img alt="" style="width: 976px; height: 219px;" src="/portals/53/Images/Shared%20Images%20ADM/Anthony%20Ledet/Anthony-header.png" /></a>
<a href="/Home/SignUp.aspx" target="_blank"><img alt="" style="width: 976px; height: 219px;" src="/portals/53/Images/Shared%20Images%20ADM/Anthony%20Ledet/Anthony-header2.png" /></a> 

  • //make sure to include whitepaper callout in the header graphic//
  • make sure to add phone number in logo
  • sync | newsletter | registration example link:
  • Create Thanks Page
  • Favicon
  • customize SEO
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